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Choosing Wallpaper For Living Room: Essential Questions To Ask Yourself

Wallpaper is an easygoing approach to add personality to a home. While it is customary to see the wallpaper in more modest spaces such as bathrooms, wallpaper application in the living space is also growing more prevalent. But how do you progress on picking wallpaper for living rooms? When selecting wallpaper for your living space, there are numerous factors to examine. At Prana, we’ve analyzed to assist you in making a choice easier.

It’s essential to think before you invest in wallpaper. In this feature, we have broken down the factors for you and furnish you with more details regarding wallpapering the living room. Keep reading to discover unknown facts.

Ask Yourself About The Overall Style Of The Living Room

At the very first glance, the living room style is ordinarily a reflection of the occupants living there. For common areas in the home, like the living room, is that portion of your home where all your guests sit when they visit you. As a homeowner, you would always aspire to ensure that the wallpaper corresponds with the style of the living room, and we completely agree with you on this aspect.

For instance, old-fashioned floral wallpaper prints may not seem sophisticated in a place with contemporary layout features. If you're someone who believes in simplicity and wants to keep their living space look simple yet elegant, you must cast casual wallpapers with a textured finish, such as triguna or samsara, as they look great and give off a pleasant vibe.

Ask Yourself The Type Of Wallpaper You Want

You will find different varieties of wallpaper available for purchase. Why settle for expensive paint wallpapers when you can get handcrafted wallpaper for living rooms with different textures and patterns. Prana's wallpapers with textile patterns come in many different-sized prints. Before finalizing a wallpaper, it would be best to take into account the type of wallpaper you want for your living space.

Your living space is the area of the home where you live almost the whole day, so the interior, including wallpapers, must be luxurious so that you can have a lasting impression on your visitors. Your liking and taste are the keys to choosing the appropriate handcrafted wallpaper for your living area.

Ask Yourself If You Want Bold or Subdued

With a built-in pattern, wallpaper demands a more deliberate design scheme than paint, so focus on the overall aesthetic of your living room whether it goes well with it. It's needless to mention, wallpapers are statement-makers, but as a homeowner, you should determine how much of a focal point you want the wallpaper itself to be. While you may fall in love with our striking textile pattern online, consider how the wallpaper interacts with the rest of your living room's decor before you commit to it.

Ask Yourself If Handcrafted Wallpaper Can Make A Room Resemble Bigger

The wallpapers we have in our collection actually can make a room seem bigger. Furthermore, you can utilize different elements in the living room combined with our handcrafted wallpaper to make a room look bigger. If you have a small living area in your home, take into consideration some of these recommendations.

  • You can opt for wallpaper in solid and light colors. Lighter shades like carbon silver, blanc, etc., produce the illusion of more space in a room.

  • It would be relevant to hang wallpaper with horizontal or vertical stripes. Horizontal stripes can make a room "wide," while vertical stripes will make a living room appear taller.’

  • You should hang a large mirror on a wallpapered wall. The reflection of the living room in the mirror helps to add depth as well as dimension.

  • If you like hanging shelves or wall art on walls along with wallpaper, try to hang them a little higher than you usually would, as it can help make the ceiling look higher.

Ask Yourself The Way You Will Be Using Our Handcrafted Wallpaper

You can apply wallpaper in various ways in a living room. A few homeowners choose to wallpaper the entire room while others just wallpaper a single wall, termed an accent wall. If your living room walls have molding in the middle that divides the wall into segments, you can wallpaper one half and paint the other half. When buying wallpaper for the living room, note that wallpapering all the walls may make the room appear smaller if the room doesn't have many windows. The tip here is: If you just want to wallpaper the accent walls of your living space, keep furniture and other home decors simple and muted.


Hope you found this feature interesting and helpful if you're willing to order wallpaper for the living area. It would be best to make these queries to yourself so that you don't miss out on something before making an investment. One wrong decision can make your living room appear shabby and sometimes congested. Choose the wallpaper for living room wisely to have a coordinated look.

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