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Choosing the Perfect Trim for Your Home

While choosing trim for your wall, you need to remember a few things. First and foremost is your overall feeling that you want to give to every room of your home. Do not forget that you are going to add something to offset the rooms. That means that you need something new that is going to define the room in terms of style. This could be the type of wall trims and luxurious fabrics for walls you use to add both dimension and character to the walls of your home. It is all characterized by the overall style and feel of the room you are working with.

Things to Remember for Wall Trims

  • You should remember that the door molding, baseboards, and window moldings are the important parts of the trim of the room, and they do wonder in hiding many imperfections, such as gaps, joints, blots, spills, etc.

  • You should consider that the fact that the trim should be the same in all the rooms of your home so that you are able to create a unified theme in all the rooms of your home. Unless you are attentive to a particular part of the room, it will do no good for your home. Nevertheless, if you are attentive to a particular part of the room, you can do this by changing the color of the trim within that section of the room. You can do this by making a backdrop for the element you want to be brought using the trim.

  • You can also do something, such as painting the baseboard with a color similar to the element you are drawing attention to, such as a mantel on a fireplace while painting everything else, the windows and doorframe white. Before you being any painting job, you need to ensure whether the colors you are going to work with the rooms of your home. Simply taking a glance at the paint is not going to do the needful for you.

  • Considering buying a small amount of the color that you think you are going to use. Paint it on a piece of poster board. Use a fairly large piece so that you can hold it up to the wall and get a good feel for what the color is going to do. You can do this by having it held up against the wall, or you can take another piece of poster board and simply put them both next to each other.

  • While choosing the type of paint, consider something for doorframes and windows frames that is going to be in a semi-gloss or a gloss finish that is enamel rather than a flat finish. This is going to provide you with a reflective quality that will work well with the play of light and shadows within the room, and it is going to be more durable and easier to take care of on areas that are often touched.

  • For most rooms, you are not going to go wrong if you pick something along the lines of a classic white color for your trim. No matter what type of paint or décor you have in your room, this is sure to provide you with what you need to set the room off to perfection. Trims are available both in stores and online. As an indoors, you can buy wall trims online. They are available in various colors.

Which Color Can Give an Aesthetic Look to Your Home?

  • White is going to lighten a strong color and help to relieve the eye visually. This works for darker hues and colors. If you are using lighter colors, the white trim is going to provide a clearer look while a bit of contrast to help create a visual effect for the room. White is not just white. There is a range of whites, from warm to cool colors to choose from. Use a paint chip of your wall to help you find the right white for your trim based on the effect it has on your walls.

  • In addition, you can also use colors, such as painting woodwork a darker color. This would bring your attention to the frames and trim of the room and contrasting trim that needs to be of equal intensity. Luxurious fabrics for walls and other items, such as dinnerware and accents, can help you bring out ideas for colors as well when looking into how to pick the perfect trim for your home.

At Prana, we curate and design various types of trims and luxurious fabrics for walls. We collaborate with international creatives showcasing all the artistic, affordable yet, luxurious textiles, trimmings, and wall coverings. Our products are offered to manufacturers and interior designers, such as cut yardage as well as full piece lengths.


Wall trims and luxurious fabrics for the walls are the important decorative items of your home. Use them to give a new meaning to every room of your home. You will be praised to the skies for your advanced living standard.

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